Coimbatore based supplier and distributor of the following glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP), Raw materials, polyester resins, pigments, accelerator, promoter, catalyst, airsil powder etc. Also manufacturer of catalyst-MEKP and unsaturated polyester resins.

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Polyester Resins

Polyester Resins
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We are among the distinguished suppliers and distributors of a comprehensive range of polyester resins for the GFRP industry. Our polyester resins are in high demands among the customers as these are manufactured by top most manufacturers of the industry. Our worth mentioning products range is listed as below:

The product range of M. N. Polyster (India) Pvt. Ltd.:

Item Code no Commercial Name

G.P. Resin MNP G 0051 G.P.Resin- Premium

G.P. Resin (UV) MNP G 0052 G.P.Resin- Premium

G.P. Resin MNP G 0056 G.P.Resin- Economy

G.P. Resin MNP G 0054 G.P.Resin- Superior

G.P. Resin (UV) MNP G 0055 G.P.Resin- Superior

Rooflite Resin MNP RL 0072 Rooflite Resin-Premium

Rooflite Resin (UV) MNP RL 0073 Rooflite Resin-Premium

Rooflite Resin MNP RL 0074 Rooflite Resin-Superior

Rooflite Resin (UV) MNP RL 0075 Rooflite Resin- Superior

Isopthalic Resin MNP ISO 0081 Isopthalic Resin

Isopthalic Resin (UV) MNP ISO 0082 Isopthalic Resin

G.P Gelcoat (UV) MNP GG 0090 G.P Gelcoat--- Premium

G.P Gelcoat (UV) MNP GG 0091 G.P Gelcoat--- Superior

ISO Gelcoat (UV) MNP IG 0092 G.P ISO Gelcoat--- Premium

Rooflike Resin (UV) MNP RL 0076 Rooflike Resin---Special

We also offer following products of Naptha Resins and Chemicals

Polyflex Description
  • GR 200-101 general-purpose resin

  • GR 200-18 NPG - Isophthalate resin

  • GR 200-20 NPG - Isophthalate Resin for corrosion resistant application

  • GR 200-220 Terephthalate (PTA) resin for corrosion resistant application

  • GR 200-60 General purpose vinyl ester resin

  • GR 200-65 Superior vinyl ester resin

  • GR 200-30 Bisphenol fumarate resin
We offer following listed products which are manufactured by Vasavi Bala Resins (p) Ltd:
  • GP Resins – 2303

  • GP Gel Coat – 6701

  • FRR Resin – 5601

  • ISO Resin – 4503

  • Bhispnenol Resin-8903

  • Vinylester Resin-4508

  • GP Resin (Food Grade) – 2303

  • ISO Resin (Food Grade) – 4503

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